Software Simplified = Robust Platform + Agile Development + Low Cost

Radam App Builder is a platform empowered to create and deploy custom business solution in cloud or on-premise. The platform enables you to create robust business applications quickly by reducing cost and effort several times. Agility is all about development environment, process and team productivity. With Radam platform, you can build reliable, secure and scalable application in minutes and gain unprecedented value.

In fact, all our business applications are built and deployed using our own platform. Leverage the core components and extend any existing apps in our Business Suite or start building your own application.

our working processin 3 steps

Radam platform simplifies the process of application development with pre-built components such as module builder, layout manager, security controls, report engine and workflows.


Capture business requirements precisely through working software and reduce iterations.


Create modules and relations, choose your layout, select data capture fields and define rules and formulas.

Go Live

Start using your dream business application running on a secure platform.



Imagine creating and running business applications that you want in hours is really a dream come true in the software development chapter. With Radam’s platform, you are ahead of the challenge by leveraging the built-in components and modules - you will be ready even before the project kicks off.


Data driven applications becomes really powerful while deriving meaningful business information. Our platform’s data analytical capability helps to slice and dice the data which ever way you want. It means you can gain more business insights through our simple, matrix and summary reports, data views and variety of charts.


Implementing a complete ERP or tailor-made software incurs huge investment and risk, which Small and Medium business cannot afford. Radam’s intuitive platform simplifies the process by creating working software in minutes - what you see is what you get. Our pricing further simplifies by pay-as-you-go service with no long term contracts.


Business owners are limited to visualize the end product while building tailor-made software. Applications built using our platform allows to design page layout, navigation option, color schemes and data collection controls of your choice.