Software Maintenance

You are just half way by completing the creation of a software solution. The process of underestimating the scalability, reliability and unassailable comes later. Most of the IT consultant firms fail to make a mark in these specific areas hence the developed solution turn to be an unsuccessful story. Radam is a name to reckon with in the all important sector of software maintenance. The fate of the site is dependent on its maintenance after exposing the site to the world market.

Radam has strong experience and sharpened knowledge and skill in software maintenance. Below are the few of the areas that Radam deals with:

  • Regular modifications are carried out with the primary concern of making the site survive the daunting competition
  • Quick and effectual solutions are discovered for quality and performance issues if any in order to prevent the site/software solution from suffering
  • Inexorable efforts are taken in implementing software’s to match the upcoming standards for the betterment of the existing software/site solution.
  • Specialized domain specific staff to keep track of the needs, requirements and provisions that the site or solution might need to make it as influential, dynamic and vigorous as possible.
  • We concentrate on not only the health of the solution but also on client satisfaction
  • We crack down the problems parallel by domain specific team cutting down the time taken and are also intended towards cost reduction. This helps the maintenance to be quick and cost effective.
  • High product quality & fitness is guaranteed by individual teams handling separate issues at the same price.
  • Radam is keen on concentrating the ambiguity in the overall performance of the solution than not solely limited on fringing of jotting down issues and working on them.
  • The software maintenance at Radam is done as per the international standards and norms. We take the pain to keep ourselves well versed with the most recent modifications so as to implement them in the maintenance factor of the site and thus help our clients reap the maximum benefits.