Enterprise Applications

Your company needs to focus on its core business—not on a complicated IT environment. With multiple vendors providing your software and hardware systems, or cloud-based services, you have no idea who to call when a problem arises. This complexity prevents your IT department from focusing on company innovations; instead they are bogged down in the inefficiencies.

Enterprise Applications Services handles your Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Oracle and SAP software packages. This can be done in your own data center, in hosted or outsourced environments, and in the cloud. One phone call to our experts provides your company with an end-to-end solution to meet your needs, right where you are. After an initial assessment, we help you implement new software or upgrade existing applications. Once your system is running effectively, we offer you a management option allowing you to wholly focus on your business while we take care of headaches that arise with your software.

Enterprise Application Hosting Services

Your company needs to run critical applications to survive, but the cost of provisioning and maintaining your IT infrastructure hurts the bottom line. You can choose to upgrade to remove concerns about application security, reliability and performance to alleviate the burden and drive better bottom line results With Radam Enterprise Application Hosting, our specialized experts run your critical applications infrastructure for you, protecting your critical data and ensuring its availability when and where you need it.

our company is looking for a way to reduce the complexity of its IT environment while dealing with the struggles of application modernization. You also want to make sure your applications are available and responsive. How are you going to accomplish these goals with declining budgets and increasing pressure to perform? Increase your speed to market by focusing on your main business; and rest assured knowing your vital infrastructure is in capable hands with Radam Technologies.

Enterprise Application Services for Oracle

How transparent is your system? Can you see all you need to? Does your Oracle software package benefit your company the way you expect it to? Or, are your employees forced to waste time and money due to inefficiencies or an inaccurate implementation?

Oracle software is the lifeblood of your company; you rely on it to handle everything from your payroll and financial statements to tracking your customers. To improve operations, you need systems to run smoothly and efficiently. This becomes more difficult with rising IT department costs and system complexities.

Radam Enterprise Applications Services for Oracle removes complexity and inefficiencies from your system so you can take full advantage of the functionality of your Oracle software. We provide full lifecycle services and support for the following Oracle applications:

  • E-Business Suite
  • Fusion Middleware
  • JD Edwards
  • PeopleSoft
  • Siebel