Network Management

Network Services

Radam’s Networking Services is a set of managed services that helps your network meet the needs of your business. We update your network to the latest, most flexible technologies. We transform it to handle all your voice and data communications needs. We enhance application performance for collaboration, video and other services. We secure the network against attack. And we monitor and maintain it on an ongoing basis.

Many networks suffer from neglect. Designed years ago to be cohesive and flexible, they have grown into a hodge-podge of disparate technologies. Many are locked into a single vendor driving up costs. Advances require new skills. Next steps seem to end in mid air.

We envision a network that is open and flexible. It’s a platform for the communications and collaboration needed by 21st century business. It’s designed on an open architecture and built for performance. And it is less expensive to maintain. If you share that vision, it’s time to get started.

Network Application Services

Network Application Services are network monitoring and consulting services to identify and correct the cause of slow application response seen by users. Users invariably report, “The network is slow.” In fact, the problem could be with the network, or it could lie in the application server, a database server or even in the application code itself.

With Network Application Services, we deploy monitors into your network at critical points. We collect and analyze data to identify the cause of slow response. If the problem is in the network, we recommend changes to improve response time. If the problem is not the network, we show you where it is—right down to the server or the offending application code.

While solving performance problems is good, preventing them is better. Network Application Services can also use modeling to predict the effects of planned network changes or application additions. The result—better service for business users and less time spent pointing fingers within IT.

Network Transformation Services

Economic pressures have forced many businesses to put off investing in refreshing their network infrastructure. At some point, transforming your network is not optional, it’s imperative. Systems start to break down; your network isn’t able to support some of the latest technologies, or it becomes terribly expensive to keep up and running.

Whatever the impetus, network transformation presents new opportunities to improve efficiencies, lower cost of operations and tap into new technology that could benefit your business.

Network Security Services

Radam’s Network Security Services protects your network and the systems connected to it from attack. The security systems we provide keep unauthorized users, devices and content off the network. They detect malicious traffic and alert security managers to suspect activity. They identify and authenticate authorized users and control what they can access. And they filter web content to prevent user access to unauthorized or dangerous web sites.

The price of a security breach is high with attacks costing $7 million on average. And that doesn’t include damage to brand and loss of customer confidence when corporate or customer information is compromised.

Network Security Services replaces the disparate security tools and patches that have grown up in your network with a comprehensive, effective network security infrastructure. Then we manage it for you. We keep the system up to date, we ensure that is operating, and we test its effectiveness. That means peace of mind for you, and your customers.