Security Management

Application Security services

It’s easy to take your business applications for granted. They tend to be ultra-dependable, always on, and available everywhere. So, keeping them safe is a priority for any business, right?

Maybe. Some think they’ve got things under control. Others aren’t so sure, but may be short on money or know-how to ensure protection. That could be why a study of 30,000 websites found that 85 percent had vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to read, modify or transmit data.

But securing your IT environment isn’t just about protection. It actually energizes your business by allowing easy exchange of services and information among customers and employees. And it opens up new ways to do business – if you can secure them.

That’s what Radam Application Security Services are for. These managed and consulting services assess your application security environment, correct flaws, and offer expert guidance for better design and operation – whether you’re building new applications or trying to protect existing ones.

End Point Security Services

As an IT manager, it is your job to make sure your company is protected from dangerous and malicious attacks. Unfortunately the creators of viruses, worms, spyware, and other forms of malicious code are all trying to keep ahead of you and your security systems. And it doesn’t help the situation when they are trying to attack you at arguably your weakest point—your end point devices.

our servers, printers, laptops, mobile and imaging devices are under attack—protect them so your employees can still work with flexibility. Radam’s End Point Security Services protect your company against vulnerabilities and helps develop controls to secure your environment.

You need to manage risks while keeping spending under control. How comfortable do you feel about the explosion of internet-enabled mobile phones used by your organization’s employees? Are you securing IP-enabled printers? How do you plan to protect the devices within your company?

Risk Management and Compliance

All companies face security risks. Sometimes these are physical risks like the possibility of a burst pipe in your data center, but most security risks involve your critical information. You need to stay one step ahead to protect your company or organization, its brand, data and reputation. Without knowing where you are before an attack, you can’t be sure you are ready to defend your organization.

Risk Management and Compliance Services evaluate your company’s current status and uncover ways to better protect your shareholders and your customers. They do so through:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities and threats and quantifying and managing risk
  • Defining appropriate security controls and governance
  • Supporting compliance requirements
  • Training personnel in security awareness

Through understanding where you stand and through strong governance processes, you can close vulnerabilities and protect well your organization.